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  • To reduce data entry errors and efficient of time managiment at reception.
  • Prexifort-OCR gives a document number on back page of each scanning document which can prevent lack of deal.
  • You can share the scaned images with your workers together in the client server.

Manage time sheets

  • Prexifort-OCR can relate your exsisting system to deal thus, it can be a great efficiency.
  • It is possible to scan up to A3 size of paper.

Sum up questionnaires

  • Nomally sum up questionaires take long but this software can made shorter therefore, the cost will be reduced.
  • It can scan both of page(front and back)
  • Confirmation of the work check sheet
    • Improve work quality by doing a final check of missing work.
    • Improve a work by aggregating the working time.
  • Acceptance of mail-order sales, etc
    • Making input of order more efficient, and connect with the existing system.
    • Corresponding to the reading of the OCR dedicated form.

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