Available words
Hand writing English letters from A to Z(both of Big and small letters) Symbols
Printing type English letters from A to Z(both of Big and small letters) Symbols
Check marks Ticks, fiiled of boxes、Over write mark check
Bar code JAN8、JAN13、ITF、CODE39、CODE128、
NW-7custom bar codes、QR codes
MICR ・MICR E-138 font and CMC-7 font
Available forms ID form (Maximum 5 letters). Fixed forms. Auto detection of form by titles.
Dealing with deferent documents Dealing with deferent documents such as sizes and thickness of documents.
Dictionary User Dictionary (about 100,000words)
Reading both Reading both pages front and back.
Automatic reading direction No matter reading any directions to insert能
Adjustment function ・To adjust right direction from vertical and horizon of application form
・To understand properly from expanded and/or contracted words
・Color dropout function by soft-ware
・Noise removal
・Stamp removal function(Option)
Words suggesting To make a suggesting of words list by scanned
Extract image To display a part of zoom in image which you need
Confirm requirements function ・Categories
・Specific conditions
・Numbers condition
・the letters type
・Relative clauses
The result of rejection ・To notice rejection words by "?"
・Rejection level is adjustable

Available Scanners Scanners of TWAIN type
Prexifort-OCR Suggesting scanners
If you have used those scanners you are able to use more additional functions.

・NEC products AS-600B、N6370K、N6370C(※end of sale)
・PFU products fi-6670、fi-7160、fi-7180、fi-6130Z(※end of sale)
・Brothe products ADS-1500W

・Fujitsu products 4G OHR
・OKI pruducts DS300R
・Hitachi pruducts Blinkscan BS30U

The environment of Clients
OS ・Windows® 7 Professional(32bit版/64bit版) ※1
・Windows® 8 Professional(32bit版/64bit版) ※1
・Windows® 8.1 Professional(32bit版/64bit版) ※1
・More than NET Framework 4.5
CPU ・At least enough operation environment for OS
Memory spec ・More than 1GB(for 32bit version)
・More than 2GB(for 64bit version)
Hard disc spec More than 600MB available spec
※1 for 64bit versions operate by WOW64

Environment of servers
OS ・Windows Server® 2008 R2(64bit)
・Windows Server® 2012 R2(64bit)
・More then NET Framework 4.5
CPU At least enough operation environment for OS
Memory More than 2GB spec
Hard disc More than 600MB available spec
Copy protection・・・This soft ware is protected to copy.

・Type of input image ・White and Black
・Gray scale 256 tones
・8bit/24bit full colour
Style of imput image ・BMP(DIB)
Resolution of imput image ・200~600dpi
((Recommending 「Hand writing:200dpi」、「more than Printed:300dpi」)
※2 The multi-page style is optional.
Out put
Output form ・CSV form、XML form
Image output form Possible to save document in BMP(DIB)/TIF/TIFF

Documents style
Size of paper ・Under A3
Word flame colors ・Black or Drop out colors
Words flame styles ・A word flame、Table、Tick flame、Free pitched flame、No flame(Printed only)
Maximum clauses ・999 clauses on an application form.

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