Sample client AP

For easy to obtain Prexifort-OCR, we contribute you samples of client AP.
※If you click this image, you can refer a bigger image

the final amended image after scanning.

You can confirm and amend while look at the screen.

Reading documents

Drop-out color forms and black color frame forms are available.

Word knowledge

The software is undertaking both hand writing and print.

Suggesting word function

This function is suggesting to you potential words from the scanning.

Disposing function

It has become high correction by multiple dictionaries such as address, zip code surnames and other.

Correcting function

This is automatically recognized right direction to read from. On the other hand you do not need to worry insert documents from top or bottom and right or left.

Sorting function

The software works which are type of TWAIN scanners, additionally this type of scanner has optional function such as double stacker and put on numbers on the back of papers automatically.

  • Interlocking with double-stack function
    Sort to the stacker that matches the reading results in the scanner having a double stacker function.
  • Interlocking with the serial number printing function
    Print the serial number on a back of a reading form when using the scanner having a serial number printing function

Multi stream function

After scanning , you are feasible to work with 2 images which are an actual scanned image and a text image.

Reading both faces function

If you have a scanner which is able to scan both faces then the soft-ware perform to save 2 images a top and a back at the same time as deal OCR.

Saving data linked between an original and a text images

When saving data it can save linked between an original and a text images.

Any directions

Printed three points on the form which can help right direction to read. Thus, you do not need to care of directions.

Controlling screen design library

This package contains MicrosoftR Visual StudioR. Which is adjustable your screen as you want.

API libraries

In order to relate to build up a library for the scanner proper working management, OCR management and other software(CSV/XML)

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